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Overview of Alleppey

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December - March


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What not to miss in Alleppey

A day or two on a rice boat

Dragon race in August


Alleppey boasts a small beach and is the epicentre of the rice boat harbour. Alleppey town has narrow roads in between meandering canals. Bicycles and barges are the main forms or transport but the most beautiful of all is the traditional riceboat.

The rice boats take a variety of routes to incorporate life on the backwaters, birdlife, the stunning cathedrals and the workshops of the dragon boats. Some enjoy a day on the boat or and overnight experience, but if you are wishing to totally 'switch-off' and have a good book and a camera, we would advocate spending 2 nights on the boats.

Alleppey has a narrow beach with a promanade which looks a little toursity in style with a sand park and amusement playground for children.  In fact the beach is deserted and provides a super walk at sun down but its not really a place for sunbathers.  Raheem Residency is a characterful hotel looking onto the beach although the pool and charming staff are often preferred by day.