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Overview of Nagarhole NP

When to go

February - June


July - August

What not to miss in Nagarhole NP

The nightly David Attenborough style documentary shown in the conference room of Kabini River Lodge Resort allowing you to witness ‘a year in the life’ of the park is well worth viewing. 

Lazing in a hammock on the shores of the lake with a pair of binoculars to hand. 


Nargarhole, meaning ‘snake river’, is a National Park not so much famous for its snakes (we were pleased to hear!) but it’s elephant population and other wildlife including deer, boar, wild dog, and even – if you’re very lucky – perhaps a sighting of a majestic tiger or elusive leopard.

Timing is key and you could have an almost pointless journey if you are not aware of the seasons and the impact they have on the animals’ movements.  
During the dry season, specifically February – June, the animals congregate around the ever-reducing lake providing good viewing opportunities; at other times the dense forest and jungle environment provides the ideal camouflage to avoid human eyes.

There’s no other way to access the park and resort without vehicle & driver. And the park is closed during the monsoon, coincinding with the mating season.

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