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Fly into Bangalore to experience tranquil yoga and ayurvedic retreats. Thanks to their close proximity to Bangalore Shreyas Retreat and Soukya are easily accessible, and allow you to forgo an arduous journey


Karnataka’s state capital and India’s very own Silicon Valley, Bangalore is famous for its highly skilled workforce leading the way in the lucrative information technology, telecommunications and scientific research sectors. 

It has come a long way from being know as the ‘Garden City’ in the 1800s and is somewhat the rebel of the south, dispelling Southern India’s typical laidback image.  Its cosmopolitan nature and reputation as a 24/7, 365 days-a-year city can be likened only to India’s financial capital, Mumbai (Bombay).

Those spending an extended period of time in India may be drawn to the western-ways of this vibrant metropolitan.  Most tourists will pass through Bangalore taking advantage of its superb transport links with both the north and the south of India, and indeed the rest of the world. 

Plan your trip so that it coincides with the seasonal weather which suites your activity.




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