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Overview of Agra / Taj Mahal

When to go

September - March


April - July

What not to miss in Agra / Taj Mahal

Hire a guide to allow you to discover the full beauty and meaning of the Taj Mahal.


Try out the trick photography (who’d have thought you could lift up the Taj Mahal with one finger and one thumb!).


A stay at Amarvilas, combining luxury accommodation with a visit to the Taj Mahal, is experiencing India at its best. 

A visit to one of Agra’s marble showrooms; after watching the intricate craftsmanship a purchase is tempting, but remember to haggle! 

Visit Fatehpur Sikri, the forgotten palace and now a World Heritage site - only 1 hour from Agra.


The Taj Mahal is the most iconic symbol of India, and one of the most visited tourist sights in the world. Considered the finest of Moghul architecture it was built by Shah Jahan following the death of his favourite wife. Using marble from Jodhpur in Rajasthan and precious stones world-wide as far away as China, the Taj Mahal perhaps represents the ultimate romantic gesture. 

A photographer’s paradise, with the light changing throughout the day - dawn and dusk are most magical.

Our top tips:

  • To enjoy the Taj Mahal at dawn and dusk you will need to purchase a second entry ticket should you leave the complex – although 750 rupees is a small price to pay we feel.  
  • Shoes must be removed and socks are advisable (the marble can vary from being bitterly cold in the mornings to burning hot under the midday sun).
  • Time your arrival carefully: if you arrive on a Friday you will be bitterly disappointed as the Taj Mahal is closed. 

We challenge anyone to fail to be impressed by the Taj Mahal and her beauty.  Hop aboard the Shatabdi Express for an early start to visit Agra as a day-trip from Delhi, or stay overnight to witness sunrise before continuing your onward journey.




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