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Overview of Ranthambore

When to go

October - March, to get the best opportunity to see wildlife


June - July

What not to miss in Ranthambore

Keep your eyes peeled to spot the tigers sunbathing on the Fort ruins.

Although the tigers are the main focus, take time to enjoy spotting some of the other residents of the park.

Enjoy a well-earned rest back at your luxurious campsite such as Sherbagh.


If you’re one of the many hoping for a glimpse of India’s most majestic predator, the tiger, head for Ranthambore national park.

Although it is still a question of luck, Ranthambore provides an accessible opportunity to view one of nature’s most distinctive cats. With a population of aorund 40, although not the largest population of tigers in India, the tigers at Ranthambore seem unconcerned by human presence and some people say the cats almost pose for the cameras !!  

While the main focus is certainly the tiger, Ranthambore is home to an abundance of other wildlife, from feathery friends and reptiles to smaller cats, including hyena, & jackal.  The dry season of October to March improves chances of spotting the animals when they do not venture as far from the lake.

One slight draw-back to Ranthambore is that due to its accessibility and popularity the park can feel crowded at times, however most people forgive this once they have sighted a tiger.

Our top 3 tips for going on safari:

1. Wear khaki or dark colours and take layers (early mornings can be cold)
2. Bottle of water for refreshment
3. Don’t forget your camera !!

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