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Overview of Bharatpur

When to go

October - March, as not to miss the migratory birds


June - July

What not to miss in Bharatpur

The variety and numbers of birds including the endangered Siberian crane and the painted stork: the later should be easy to spot as the park is home to a couple of thousand of them! 

18km away, a visit to Fatehpur Sikri, the desert palace, complements a day of wildlife & nature

The collection of vintage cars and signature crockery at The Bagh hotel, or the intricately painted frescos at Laxmi Vilas Palace.


Ornithologists flock to Bharatpur to visit Keoladeo national park for its unrivalled birdlife. 

A UNESCO heritage site, the sanctuary attracts some 300+ endemic and migratory species including spoonbills, ibis, kingfishers, babblers, over 25 species of wildfowl, 4 types of crane, beautiful bee-eater’s, kingfishers, and our favourite, the paradise fly catcher. 

October to March offers the greatest number of species, although the summer months can also be rewarding watching the endemic species.  The best way to visit the park is by bike or cycle rickshaw - both are ideal for getting close to the birdlife without noisy engines, and the drivers have good knowledge of the inhabitants to help you distinguish between species.  During dawn and dusk mammals, such as wild boar, sambar deer and even jungle cats, are at their most active and can be spotted.


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