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Overview of Shekawati

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What not to miss in Shekawati

Watch the glowing embers as the female villagers make chapatti for their family, from the ramparts of the enchanting Hill Fort Kesroli as vivid green parrots soar from tree to tree nearby


The Shekawati region with its small desert towns, is famous for its beautifully decorated havelis. These houses, built by merchants illustrating their wealth and profits gained from through-trade of an important trading route, are now considered one of the most impressive collections of its kind in India.

The main towns of Mandawa, Nawalgarh and Jhunjhunu are easily negotiated by foot to explore.

The Shekawati region is one of the undiscovered parts of Rajasthan by tourists, providing an interesting extension to the classic Golden Triangle tour.  Lacking in high quality accommodation but perhaps worthy of a visit for those with a genuine interest in history & art and who enjoy venturing ‘off-the-beaten-track’.

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