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Overview of Bikaner

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What not to miss in Bikaner

The auspicious white rat at the rat temple (Karni Mata). 

The camel breeding farm and the late afternoon stampede of dromedaries returning from the desert for their dinner.


Bikaner is Rajasthan’s fourth largest city, however as a city with no colour association - think pink city, blue city, golden city - or no distinctive landmark such as the famous Lake Palace hotel in Udaipur, it is not really ‘famous’ for anything.  That said, Bikaner, along with its impressive fort, does have a couple of unique attractions and is well worth a visit if you're passing through.

A tour of Junagarh Fort is interesting, housing some surprising exhibits such as a WWI aircraft; as is wandering through the old city absorbing dailylife and viewing temples and havelis.  

Bikanker's most famous attractions are found a short drive from the city.  Firstly, the government-run camel-breeding farm which is considered to be the largest in Asia.  Secondly, Karni Mata Temple, home to thousands of scared rats.  Shoes have to be removed so a visit is not for the faint-hearted, although it is considered a blessing if a rat runs over your feet (we suggest a thick pair of socks!). 

January is the month of Bikaner’s camel fair which is similar but on a much smaller scale to that of Pushkar, making it more rewarding and less-commercial.

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