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What not to miss in Ajmer

Pushkar Camel Festival

Dates for the next few years:

2007 21-24 November

2008 10-13 November

2009 30 Oct-2 Nov

2010 18-21 November


Ajmer is home to the Chishti Tomb (or Dargah), one of the holiest Muslim shrines in the world and therefore attracting great numbers of Muslim pilgrims.  Ajmer is also the gateway to Pushkar and its world-famous annual camel fair.

For most of the year Pushkar remains a small, quiet, Hindu Pilgrimage town.  Once a year, around the full moon day of Kartik Purnima (October-November), thousands of pilgrims visit to take a holy dip in the lake.  

Simultaneously, Pushkar becomes the venue for Rajasthan’s largest festival, attracting in the region of 200,000 visitors and not forgetting approximately 50,000 camels.  The buying and selling of our hump-back friends takes place against the back-drop of the desert, colourful stalls, traditional music, dancing and buoyant atmosphere – quite an extraordinary occasion.

Accommodation in the town is limited and the best way to experience Pushkar is to stay is at one of the professional tented operations which accommodate the influx of visitors over these dates. These are  luxurious tents with private facilities and a far cry from boy scout / girl guide camping!  The simply named Pushkar Camp is ideal. 

Should you wish to experience this wonderous event, our top 3 tips are simple:

1. Book early
2. Book early
3. Book early

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