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Overview of Jaisalmer

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What not to miss in Jaisalmer

An encounter with one of our dromedary friends. (We’re sure that Michael Jackson and the footballer Raul will be pleased to hear they each have a camel named after them!).

Watching the sunset across the dunes and spending the night underneath the stars.

Laal Maas – Jaisalmer’s deliciously tasty traditional lamb dish.


Located in the most western corner of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is undeniably remote and literally 'in-the-middle-of-the-desert'.  With its yellow sandstone architecture, Jaisalmer is not precluded from the traditional of being known by its appropriate colour: the ‘golden-city’. Boasting the only habited fort in India, watch your step as you negotiage your way through the bustling fort where cows as humans live side-by-side, whilst exploring some of the beautifully intricately decorate crafted havelis (mansions of rich merchants).  Most tourists will combine a visit to Jaisalmer with an authentic desert experience from the back of a dromedary (or camel as they are more commonly known) in the neighbouring dunes. 

Our top 3 tips for camel-riding:

1. Sunglasses, long sleeves and trousers to protect from sand and sunburn. 

2. ‘Proper’ shoes (not flip-flops or sandals as the stirrups are made of rope and can hurt). 

3. Carry a bottle of water and 50-100 rupees to tip your camel leader, often a local village boy.

If you have the time and inclination, Jaisalmer offers a truly desert experience; others may consider it a long journey for a camel ride!


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