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Overview of Jodhpur

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What not to miss in Jodhpur

• The opportunity for equine enthusiasts to pick-up a pair of made-to-measure jodhpurs before riding out on a beautiful Marwari horse into the desert for a night under the stars, care of Rohetgarh Fort

• The highly praised audio tape tour of the Meherangarh Fort museum: providing a wealth of information and background to the Maharaja’s impressive collection of personal possessions and artefacts whilst allowing you to progress at your own speed. 

• Those with an interest of antiques need look no further for high-quality reproductions. Shipping can easily be arranged to various destinations around the world.


Jodhpur is the ‘blue–city’: some say the colour of its buildings in the old town illustrates its high Bramin caste. 

Two impressive architectural feats dominate: the Meherangarh Fort towering above the blue-city, and the palace Umaid Bhawan – now a luxury hotel – commissioned by the Maharaja Umaid Singh during a time of famine to provide work for 3000 local people.  
THE place to stay, Umaid Bhawan more recently played host to Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayar’s wedding in 2007. 

Though perhaps not enough sights in Jodhpur to warrant a lengthy stay, combining a visit to the fort and market (traditional wooden puppets and an array of spices are Jodhpur’s specialilties) with a village safari will allow you to experience the riches of a Maharaja’s palace as well as Rajasthani rural life of the Bishnoi tribe. Rohet Garh and Fort Chanwa are two of our favourite places to stay in the area. 

If you’re traveling by road between Jodhpur and Udaipur, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the splendid Jain temples.  Although one of the largest temple complexes in India, it's the intricately carved details that is most magnificent.

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