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Overview of Karnataka

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Bordering five states, Karnataka is the state linking northern India with the south. 

With its main tourist sights found at its opposite ends of the state, logistically Karnataka can prove difficult for tourists to negotiate in its entirety, and it is currently more suited to the backpacker fraternity with time on their hands.  

However, by concentrating your efforts Karnataka can be most rewarding as a destination in its own right, or combined with the southern beaches of Kerala, Goa or Tamil Nadu.

Highlights in the south include the state capital and economic centre of Bangalore, the traditional city of Mysore, and the opportunity to explore some of the best national parks in southern India, namely Nargarhole National Park.

In the far north of Karnataka some of India’s finest Islamic architecture can be found: Bijapur - known as the

Agra of the south - with the Golgumbaz and its dome, receives only a fraction of the visitors to the world famous Taj Mahal in Agra, due to its relative inaccessibility.

Karnataka’s coastline sandwiched between two of India’s most famous beach destinations, Kerala and Goa, remains undiscovered, and few make a visit to Jog Falls – India’s highest waterfalls and area of spectacular scenery. 

The Boutique India team have focused their energies on the south of Karnataka to date and have chosen locations & properties which allow you to visit the sights whilst enjoying the relaxed pace of the south. 

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