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One of the largest states in India, Rajasthan has long been one of the most visited by tourists.  It’s proximity to Delhi, 250km away, encourages this, however it is Rajasthan itself with its wealth of history, traditions and diversity, which appeals greatly.

The size and scale means that you could spend weeks and weeks exploring Rajasthan; by making use of the good transport links you can visit as an extension to the classic ‘Golden-Triangle’ tour, or even combine with the beaches of Kerala in the south of India.

Known as the ‘Land of Kings’, Rajasthan is most famous for its historic monuments: its imposing sandstone forts, magnificent marble palaces, impressive temples, and beautifully crafted havelis of the Shekaweti region, each reminding us of Rajasthan’s wealthy and powerful past under the reign of the Hindu Rajputs and the Muslim Moghuls.  
Rajasthan’s rainbow of cities - the ‘pink-city’ of Jaipur, the ‘blue-city’ of Jodhpur and the ‘golden-city’ of Jaisalmer - boast many of the famous sights.

Rajasthan’s cities sadly, clearly illustrate the vast gap between the rich and poor, with poverty and children begging, alongside brightly-lit modern shopping malls and global giants of McDonalds and Pizza Hut.

Travelling between the cities is an experience itself.  On journeys through flat desert plains or the rolling Araveli hills, in even the most rural of villages and inhospitable landscapes, you will see strong, vibrant pink, orange, & green coloured saris and turbans; jammed- packed buses with people jostling for their place sitting on the roof; camels, sacred cows, camels, sheep, cows, dogs, buffalo, cows, elephants, goats, and more cows, by the side of the road.

Aside from the historic sights, Rajasthan natural landscape provides attractions for visitors: Keoladeo national park, one of Asia’s most famous bird reserves, attracts over 300 species of birds, and Ranthambore national park, provides a rare opportunity to view India’s national animal, the tiger, in its natural surroundings. 

Those seeking a desert experience should head towards the west of the state and the desert towns of Jaisalmer and Bikaner.  And romantics need look no further than the famous floating palace in Udaipur (India’s very own Venice), where wonderful vistas await. 

Shopaholics will find great delight in the traditional bazaars, emporiums and modern malls in search of a variety of products from clothing and textiles, to arts, handicrafts and jewelry. 

To discuss a bespoke itinerary to Rajasthan, please email our consultants.

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