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Weather in Himalayas (West)
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The Himalayan regions are characterised by cool, dry weather, perfect for trekking. You cannot expect any blistering heat, good for sunbathing, in this region. However, this should not put you off. The climate is perfect for walking, and experiencing the stunning scenery in its full glory.

The ideal time to visit varies in accordance with the altitude.

Uttaranchal is great February through to May and October and January

Himachal Pradesh is similarly good October to May in the lower altitudes eg. Dharamsala, Simla, Manali , albeit rather chilly and some snow December to late February.

Avoid visiting the Western Himalayas in the summer months of June, July and August, when it is hit by the monsoon season.

The exception to all the above is Eastern Himachal where it is higher ,eg. Spiti or then Lahaul and it is not possible due to the cold, heavy snowfall. The trekking is outstanding albeit raw in this rea and is best done July to September.

Ladakh season is more limited from April to September, although April can still be a little chilly.

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Extremely Hot & Humid  Weather
Extremely Hot & Humid
V.Hot - Good  Weather
V.Hot - Good
Hot, Oc. Shower Weather
Hot, Oc. Shower
Unpredictable, some sun Weather
Unpredictable, some sun
Monsoon, V Humidity Weather
Monsoon, V Humidity
Chilly Weather
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