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Watersports & Diving



, and Goa in particular, offer a variety of watersports for those seeking the adrenalin rush.  Take to the skies for parasailing, or stick to the waves for windsurfing, dingy sailing, and jetskiing; cruise the inland waterways of Kerala by kayak; watch or perhaps even participate in a traditional Snakeboat race.

Diving & Snorkelling

While visibility off the mainland of India isn’t as spectacular as many parts of Asia, snorkelling in Goa offers a large variety of colourful fish and hard coral.  Shallow sites off-shore offer good conditions for novice divers to develop their skills. 

Experienced divers may have heard of the Andaman Islands and Laksadweep Islands.

Located some 1000km off the east coast of India in the Bay of Bengal, some 300 plus islands make-up the Andaman Islands.  Covered with rainforest and idyllic beaches, the coral reefs team with marine life. Courses are pricey, so best visited by experienced divers wishing to hire equipment and to join one of the dive schools on fun-dives.  Flights are 2 hours from mainland India to Port Blair, the island’s capital.

The Lakshadweep Islands off the Keralan coast are actually a continuation of the Maldives; think white powdery sand, swaying palms, and warm, turquoise seas.  So sensitive is the environment that tourists are restricted to visiting only two of the islands.  Those who do will be rewarded with a kaleidoscope of corals and marine life - the coral reefs are home to turtles, dolphins, octopus, barracuda, and sharks – which is quite simply a diver's (or snorkeller's) paradise.  

The journey of 1 ½ hours is by air, costing US$300 round trip, and strictly limited for ecological reasons.