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Travelling in Groups

Whether an extended family holiday relaxing by the beach, cadet group trekking in the Himalayas, society, school or business trip, the planning and management of a group can be time-consuming and frustrating which can take the fun out of the amazing experience.

We can help organise everything from negotiating discounts in hotels, to top quality guides and suitable transport options


Families may enjoy the relaxed pace of the south where houseboats and beach villas can be rented on an exclusive basis and the friendly staff will cater to your personal needs. 

Activity-based groups have a variety of accommodation to choose from including tented desert camps, Forts & Palaces, or even eco-lodges in national parks. 

Those requiring full facilities may find the larger hotels more suitable and we can offer most competitive rates. 

Excursions can be arranged in advance, so please let us know your favoured itineraries or interests and we will guide you through the planning process. 

What we can offer:

• Our driver company has a large fleet of quality vehicles  - from 4 wheel drives to coaches and people carriers - all with experienced drivers.

• Minimising the drive times can be achieved if you know the routes. We will create well-paced and exciting excursions designed around your interests. 

• Taking advantage of India’s extensive and reasonably priced flight network allows you to cover greater distances and to experiences different areas of this vast country. 

• Negotiating group discounts (usually for groups of 12) 

Specialist guides for interest groups, e.g. nature, wildlife & bird watching, cricket, horse riding & polo, adventure, heritage and culture, can be arranged to meet your itinerary and budget. 

Please contact us for more details: