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Travelling Alone

Not a problem at all.  Indian is a friendly country and there are many sights, activities and entertainment to satisfy the solo traveller.

Opt for smaller properties, rather than the large hotels, where informal dining allows you to meet like-minded travellers.  Homestays such as Tranquil, Olavipe and Phillipkutty’s Farm  will quickly welcome you as part of the family. 

Yoga & Ayurvedic retreats attract many single travellers and guests find the treatments – yoga and meditation - rewarding and convivial.  Shreyas Retreat and Soukya are excellent choices for the mind,
body and soul.  

Those attracted to the natural environmental will be attracted to the surroundings of authentic properties such as Paradisa Plantation.

We have selected our drivers carefully and you will feel completely at ease traveling around.  They will

guide and assist you as required and take the stress out of travelling alone and are always useful to deter any unwanted touts, beggars, hawkers and the like.  Our advice is to maintain the traveller / driver friendship and always sit on the rear seats in the car-chauffeur style, as it is what they understand.

Tourist sights are popular with Indian tourists and many visit as a special outing from rural villages.  Some people will have rarely, if ever, encountered 

western tourists and will be fascinated to see and talk to you;  it is not unusual for fair haired and fair-skinned people to be asked to have their photograph taken with the family. 

By covering legs and shoulders and avoiding skimpy, western fashions, the female traveller will find it easier to avoid any unwelcome attention.