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Dual Destination Holiday


Within India

The current climate of cheap air fares means that you can return to India time and again, each exploring another area of this vast country.

Using the main international gateways of Delhi and Mumbai (Bombay) choose sightseeing, history & cultural in the states of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, tigers & wildlife in Madhya Pradesh, or perhaps even venture to the hill stations beneath the Himalayas in the North.  
Or, head to Southern India for a more relaxed way of life with temples, river cruises, tropical beaches and wildlife in the states of Karnataka, Goa, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Taking advantage of India’s internal flight network it is possible to combine destinations in the North and South, for example the ‘Golden Triangle’ with the beaches of Goa or Kerala in the South. 

Similarly, if you’re short of time, flying between cities within a state can save valuable time and perhaps avoid an arduous car journey.

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India and beyond

If you have the luxury of a 3-4 week holiday, India is within easy reach of several countries which could each add another dimension to your holiday.

Sri Lanka 


The tear-drop falling from the southern tip of India, Sri Lanka offers great diversity from history & culture, to wildlife, tea plantations and beautiful beaches, all within a relatively small area. 

Sri Lanka is a country close to our heart, which we have been visiting for many years, so please do not hesitate to contact us for our knowledge and expert advice.


It's hard to beat the Maldives for diving, reefs and pure romance.  However, the islands are small and unless you are a sun worshipper or diving enthusiast 5-7 days can be enough on one resort. 

Nepal, Bhutan & Tibet

Neighbouring Nepal, home to 8 of the 10 tallest mountains in the world, is best known for its trekking and mountaineering possibilities.  Arduous activities aside, it is also a country rich in tradition and culture, clearly evident in its capital Kathmandu.

Tibet & Bhutan - Located in the heart of the Himalayan mountain range, Tibet and Bhutan are countries with fascinating people and culture.  Bhutan especially, is not easy to visit: the number of visitors is strictly controlled along with a minimum daily spend set by the government which tourists must adhere to.

Two countries we’re looking to offer in the future…

Please contact our consultants at for more information about these countries. 

Connecting flights are reasonably priced and can often be bought as ‘add-ons’ through your international airline. 

Connection To/From Flight Time Suggested Airlines
India to Nepal / Bhutan 2-4 hours Jet Airways / Druk Air
Delhi / Mumbai to Sri Lanka 2-3 hours Sri Lankan Airlines
Kerala / Chennai (Madras) to Sri Lanka 1-2 hours Sri Lankan / Jet 
India to Maldives (via Sri Lanka) 3-4 hours Sri Lankan Airlines
Sri Lanka to Maldives 1 hour Sri Lankan Airlines
India to Middle East (Dubai . Abu Dhabi) 3 hours Emirates
Sri Lanka / Maldives to Middle East 6 hours Emirates