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Beaches of India

The beauty of India is its diversity, allowing visitors to combine the quintessential beach holiday of R&R, sea & sand, with wonderful history, heritage,culture, wildlife & nature. From the World Heritage Site of Old Goa with its baroque churches, to the rolling hills & lush forests of The Western Ghats in Kerala, Goa has plenty to offer apart from its serene beaches. 

Offering warm seas against a backdrop of palm-fringed beaches, the west coast is home to India’s most well-known beach destination to overseas visitors: Goa

With its dual identity mixing Portuguese influence with today’s India, Goa is exotic, yet familiar, with a laidback attitude. Its beaches vary from small coves to stretches of uninterrupted sand - although not quite the 125km stretch that some claim – it has watersports for the active, and beachside bars & restaurants to enjoy sampling its distinct cuisine. 

Goa is perhaps the one place in India which can be described as having beach ‘resorts’, however tucked away are many private boutique properties waiting to be discovered. 

Between October to March temperatures, hovering around 30 degrees Celsius, are perfect for the beach and not too humid for a spot of sightseeing. 

Further south, the long & narrow state of Kerala is a perfect place to enjoy striking sunsets over the Arabian Sea. Less commercial than Goa, the beaches of Kerala will appeal to those who enjoy relaxing in the sun with a good book, interrupted only by an ayurvedic massage or walk to a nearby fishing village. 

December to April is the best time to visit Kerala (hottest & driest time of the year).
For the most private and deserted beaches, choose Surya Samudra, or Karikkathi Beach House south of Trivandrum where the calmest seas can also be found. 

With inland waterways, national parks and spice plantations in the hills, Kerala is also the ideal state to visit for those who enjoy combining a little beach time with other things. The famous Backwaters with their traditional way of life are just a stone's throw away from Marai Fishermen Village Beach Resort, Raheem Residency and Kumarakom Lake Resort

Neighbouring Tamil Nadu is an ideal destination if you’re restricted to the summer months of July & August as the east coast is barely affected by the southwest monsoon. The small town of Mamallapuram, with its long beach against a backdrop of temples and stone-carving tradition (now a UNESCO world heritage site), and the former French capital of Pondicherry again offer more than a typical beach holiday. 

If you know where to find them, Karnataka offers secluded white-sandy beaches yet to be discovered by the majority of ‘sun-seekers’.

Diving enthusiasts wishing to combine idyllic beaches with turquoise sea, coral reefs with an abundance of marine life, should head to the tropical Andaman Islands or the Lakshadweep Islands. More about diving.