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Registered Name : Boutique Holidays Limited trading as Boutique India
Registered at Companies House, UK.
Registered Company Number : 05777683
Registered Office Address: 
5 Prospect Place, Millenium Way, Pride Park, Derby, Derbyshire, DE24 8HG

Who We Are

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In brief – a holiday romance which lasted.

After 15 years of a hectic and absorbing life as a marketing consultant I took a well-earned beak and travelled to Asia.

Sri Lanka, was my first stop where I founded Boutique Sri Lanka.   I met new friends along the way who shared my passion for the island, and characterful hotels and have joined me here in the UK office. My thirst for adventure and more beautiful Boutique hideaways took me next door to India - the country most want to visit independently but are overwhelmed by its enormity.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge and favourite locations with you, and all travellers who enjoy holidays outside the “package”.

We have met the owners, slept in their beds, watched the sunset on the verandahs – and then removed our “rose-tinted glasses” to prepare an honest review.

Many locations have unique features – breath taking scenery, accommodation in tree houses or luxury tents, the opulence of Forts & Palaces - even private islands - or simply the graciousness of the hosts and their fascinating history. No soulless large hotels with serried rows of sun loungers here.

Our reviews are constantly updated as we travel back and forth, and our secure website allows you to book on-line at exactly the same price or often less than if you had contacted the hotel directly. When planning an itinerary our local knowledge can often result in considerable savings on your planning time, high margin tour operators, let alone an empathy for your desire to be where the " majority" are not. There are no hidden costs involved with bookings with Boutique India, just good honest advice and an easy booking engine.

Our personal inspections have enabled us to find the best, the most unusual, most interesting places to stay and visit – many of which you will not find in any holiday brochure. Our clients are as varied as our portfolio and have differing needs and expectations, from the eco-warrior to the sybarite. Our yardstick is our own experience and if we were satisfied, we hope you will be too.

Occasional photography throughout the site has been supplied by experienced photographers. Special thanks go to all those involved.

We are always keen to meet others who share our passion for travel and Asia.  If you have dreamed turning this passion into a job, please give us a call.

We look forward to speaking to you soon.


Lindsay Galbadaarachchi - Founding Director & South India Specialist

Shelagh Howard  Journalist and Editor

Lionel Howard  Company Secretary

Our support office:

Anuj and team – North & South India ground handler

Karthik and team – Kerala and Tamil Nadu ground handler

Doris Schokman - Local Partner

Established October 2004

Why Use Boutique India

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  1. Knowledgeable Consultants. We’ve been there and we continue to go there. Our team of consultants can help travellers seeking bespoke itinerary suggestions. Planning your route isn't always easy when you haven't visited India. Our consultants have thorough knowledge of the hotels and the states. We continue to spend several months each year updating our reviews and looking for new properties. We have wonderful relationships with our hotel/villa proprietors and will provide you with the good insight to the hotel/ villa personality.

  2. We know you're too busy. We understand that you are too busy to trawl through all the brochures and websites that are on offer. We have done the hard work for you by discovering and reviewing all the hotels and private villas and retreats around the country. We have personally reviewed and photographed every hotel (or if not tell you so) to provide a detailed and unbiased opinion of the towns, hotels, rooms, service etc. We have selected the best, the unusual and the value for money destinations.

  3. Working to your budget. We have selected the best value hotels in all price ranges from $100 to $1000+ per night. We can tailor an itinerary to your needs and will always give a clear indication of what can be achieved at an early stage. Plus some may wish to vary their budget each night depending on whether they are relaxing luxuriously by the ocean or sightseeing around temples.

  4. Finding your style. We have classified all our hotels into styles of accommodation: 

    - Boutique Hotels
    - Forts & Palaces
    - Luxury & Large Hotels
    - Villas
    - Bungalows
    - Prestige Guest Houses
    - Eco Villages India
    - Beach Resorts
    - Houseboats
    - Homestays in India
    - Ayurvedic & Yoga
    - Corporate Hotels

You can select the group of your choice depending on your style of holiday or where you are in the country.

  1. Few soulless hotels. We specifically focus on boutique and characterful hotels and retreats ideally with as few rooms as possible. However India offers some of the finest large hotels in the world and we recognise the need to present you with the best of these especially during peak periods.

  2. No hidden Costs. All the terms and conditions of BI and each hotel are explained clearly. We have no booking charge and you will pay the same or less than you would if you went direct to the hotel.

  3. Finding transport. Sourcing reliable transport at a good price when you step off a plane is not easy. If you want to have a hassle free holiday with a quality driver and comfortable vehicle, we can help you arrange transport before you arrive. Details on domestic flights, train travel, chauffeur driven cars/ cruisers are all available on our website or via our consultants.

  4. Easy to Use Site. You can search by region, by hotel classification, by hotel name or by interest - which ever is easiest for you. We also offer a complimentary itinerary planning service – simply tell us your requirements and we’ll do the rest. Every element of the website is explained clearly but should you get confused, please call our consultants.

  5. Ground Handler in India. We don't have welcome meetings or annoying representatives lurking in the hotel lobbies, however it is important to offering some presence ‘on-the-ground’ to assist on arrival at destinations, with travel arrangements and so on. And of course you are provided with a 24 hr contact number for any emergencies.

Terms & Conditions

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Use of and access to any information on this website is conditional upon your acceptance of these terms and conditions without modification. Please read them carefully. If you do not wish to accept any of them, you must not use this website. If you do use it you will be deemed to have accepted them.

To view our full terms and conditions, please click here.