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Windermere House  Price Band:   51-100 per room / villa per night
Windermere House
Vegetarian Options
Traditional Villages

Highly recommended but not yet reviewed by our consultants

But for the scent of cardamom in the air and bougainvillea climbing the walls there is a touch of the English namesake here, where the stone and wooden built chalets sit on green lawns bordered by colourful shrubs. Look further and the illusion ends. As far as the eye can see, a long way in this sparkling clear air, are the vivid green tea estates and the woodland slopes of the Western Ghats.

 Built in 1999 the owner is in residence next door and makes it his business to oversee the comfort of his guests. His family’s influence is seen in the traditional home-style table d’hote meals, which offer more meat that in the coastal areas of Kerala.

This country guesthouse is a simple, but comfortable retreat for the traveller who appreciates a morning walk in the hills accompanied by birdsong more than formal hotel services.

 You are warmly welcomed, as you would be in someone’s home, and shown to your room.

Spend your days trekking the hills, visiting a tea museum, or simply enjoying the wonderfully tranquil atmosphere and stunning views from the long shady veranda. One experience not to be missed is the sun rise from the hilltop lookout.

Highs Lows

• Peaceful, cool, simple

• Beautiful walking country with routes and advice from your owner/host.

• Fabulous views from your windows in the cottages and the veranda.

• Real lack or formality for those who dislike the rigidity of hotels.

• Power supply can be erratic, be prepared.

• Rooms are comfortable but simple.

• Enjoy the mornings – the clouds often descend mid-afternoon making walking difficult.

• Beloved by the Raj in colonial days, the atmosphere may feel more Scottish than Indian.


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