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Vivenda dos Palhacos  Price Band:   £51-100 per room / villa per night
Vivenda dos Palhacos

Names evoke places loved and lived in by the owners. All have fans, air conditioners and en suite bathrooms. 
Two large bedrooms occupy the front of the old, Portuguese house. Konnagar has an old four poster bed and a private balcony. The large bathroom has both shower and a stately bath tub, rescued from the Royal Bombay Yacht Club. Alipur’s window seat overlooks the next door’s coconut plantation. It has an antique double bed and a long, narrow en suite bathroom. 
Madras is in the hindoo part of the house. French doors lead from its open air bathroom into the garden. Ballygunge is a twin room whose beds can be pushed together. Ooty has a private entrance from the courtyard, a double bed and sparkling white sitting area. The bathroom is functional, attractive but distinctly different.

Chandpara resembles a huge tent and has twin beds, rugs and old camping furniture. It has a private entrance and small garden by the pool.
Chummery is the self contained cottage with small kitchen and two verandahs.
Konnagar, Madras, the Chummery and Chandpara are the four rooms most able to take a cot or an extra bed. 
You may rent the whole villa or make individual room reservations.


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