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Tranquil  Price Band:   101-200 per room / villa per night

Comments from the Guestbook....

“Arriving here yesterday confirmed everything I had been told about Tranquil. A warmer welcome could not be found anywhere else. Five star hotels had better watch out if such places continue to be opened."

Eric Holliday

"This is without doubt the most special place I have visited in Southern India & one of my two favourite places ever visited in India. The most relaxed atmosphere to recharge the batteries and I am so sad not to be staying longer. The food was delicious, rooms a haven of comfort, & Victor & Jini wonderful hosts."

Larissa Elliot
London, U.K.

"You are the reason we came to India - and you did not disappoint us! Your place is aptly named - a welcome & restful haven."

Charlie & Fenella Kemp
East Sussex, England

"Even for a finicky Virgoan like me, there was nothing at Tranquil that I could say was not OK. Your passion & committment comes across consistently."

Sashi & V.Natarajan
Bangalore, Karnataka, S.India.

"As we reluctantly leave after yet another sumptuous meal we bid a fond farewell to a little bit of heaven. Tranquil exceeded expectations & has welcomed us into it's heart. We arrived strangers and leave feeling part of a large, happy elegant family."

David Levin
London, U.K.

"In a holiday with so many highlights over the past 20 days that we've had to write them down, Tranquil has topped the poll. To sit at your table, climb your hills, pet your dogs, & breathe this scented mountain air is to have lived a couple of days in a parallel universe."

George Stiles & Hugh Vanstone
London, U.K.

“ This was our second trip to Tranquil; we had to come back just to check we were not dreaming on our first visit – we were not! Tranquil is just about the best place we have ever visited and our hosts have everything just right. Good luck in your new ventures.

David & Charlotte Grove
Scotland, U.K.


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