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The Wildernest  Price Band:   £0-51 per room / villa per night
Rain Forest
Boat Trips
Traditional Villages

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The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is set high in the cool Cardamom Hills, and Wildernest is nudging the gates of the rugged tropical forest of the sanctuary.

Simple stone and brick structure surrounds a courtyard interlaced by curving, lantern-lit pathways linking the 10 rooms and communal buildings.

Nearly 800 square kms of tropical forest features a mixture of deciduous and evergreen trees with patches of grassland, perfect cover for the diverse animal species and wonderful tropical birds. Nature walks taken with a house guide will open your eyes and ears to the many half hidden sights, though the elephants are fairly obvious!

Rooms are simple in design, this is not pretending to be a luxurious boutique, but attractive and comfortably furnished.

The exclusive use of natural, local materials blends Wildernest into its environment, where it sits comfortably in its village setting. Spend your days hiking in the hills, exploring the sanctuary, or rafting the fast flowing rivers, and return to spend the evening comparing notes with other like-minded travellers.

Highs Lows
  • ¬†Excellent chance of viewing many animals and birds of the region.¬†¬†
  • Spacious, well appointed bedrooms and bathrooms.¬†
  • Helpful family atmosphere and service.
  • No pool, but at 3000 feet it stays quite cool.¬†
  • Bed and breakfast only ‚Äď so no chats over dinner with other guests.¬†
  • Many steps and stairs around the site, be aware of these, for they could be a problem for some.

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