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The Park Bangalore  Price Band:   101-200 per room / villa per night
The Park Bangalore
Fax Available
Vegetarian Options

Highly recommended but not yet reviewed by our consultants

From a pristine white exterior one enters a swirl of colour and texture. Ascend into black leather-lined lifts through 4 floors, each with its own striking colour scheme; bars and restaurants cater for 24-hour living and world wide cuisine, in dcor designed to stimulate the senses or comfort the fatigued.

The city of Bangalore is now at the centre of India’s technological industry, and The Park proudly reflects all that is elegant and modern. Situated on Mahatma Gandhi Road it is a short stroll from the upmarket shops and executive offices of the city, allowing a perfect combination of business and pleasure.

Though not according to our definition, The Park regards itself as a ‘boutique hotel’. With 109 rooms, it is a city hotel, but the standard of the service and range of facilities make it a special and exciting experience.

Highs Lows

• If I.T. business or upmarket shopping is your goal, this place has it all.

• So many in-house shops and facilities you may never leave the building.

• The imaginative design and décor is amazing – you will either love it or hate it.

• There is an escape – nearby parks have shady woodland, an art gallery, library and attractive lake with boating.

• Almost too much stimulation, but then you probably didn’t come for a rest.

• Perhaps not the India you expected, but we have many other alternatives to offer you.


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