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The Bagh  Price Band:   51-100 per room / villa per night
The Bagh
Swimming Pool
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Landscaped Gardens
Bird Watching
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Traditional Villages

The Bagh Heritage Hotel nestling in its 200 year old, 10 acre garden is a welcome refuge after the hustle and bustle of Delhi and Agra. The central four part garden, or charbagh, describes a traditional Islamic design, copying those of the Taj Mahal with paved walkways and cool rills. Aromatic shrubs and bright flower beds delight the senses as you stroll through.
The rooms are contained in low, white sandstone buildings around the perimeter of the charbagh, each room with its own dcor and personality. The walls are delicately painted “haveli style” offering private verandahs for quiet contemplation and communal areas for socialising and ‘confessions of a birdwatcher’.

The entrance/reception building, or mayur, also houses a caf and gift shop displaying a variety of local arts and crafts. The Sheehsam is a recreational complex with gym and swimming pool, sauna and steam, yoga and a spa which offers ayurveda and other treatments, so out of season The Bagh can be a peaceful place to stay.

An unexpected feature is the Surkhaab, or garage, full of vintage cars and motor bikes. Guests may explore the local villages in such style.

 You get a real sense of the region at The Bagh, as works by contemporary Indian female artists are displayed throughout the complex and the chef offers the regional dishes of Braj, borrowing recipes from the nearby pilgrimage centre.

Keoladeo Ghana National Park in Bharatpur hosts over three hundred fifty avian species and fifty different mammals. After bird watching in Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur, a quiet afternoon of studying natural history and ornithology awaits in the Bagh's extensive library. Lectures and slide shows by eminent naturalists increase the pleasure of learning. Experienced guides escort the guests on day excursions to nearby World Heritage and pilgrimage Sights.

 The migrant birds will arrive November and begin to depart after May’s monsoon begins. However other great calendar events such as Diwali, Dassehra and Holi are celebrated with festivals of dance, puppetry and music concerts which can be enjoyed in The Bagh’s amphitheatre.

Highs Lows
  • The only quality boutique in the area and yet complacency is far away as the friendly staff and attention to detail make this a charming residence.  
  • The super personalised crockery featuring the first Hindi script. 
  • Driving “Miss Daisy" style through the villages 
  • A short distance from Keoladeo National Park and bird sanctuary 
  • Excellent eco-awareness – solar power, well water (artesian) eco-friendly generator.
  • Rains in July/September – impedes naturalist activities. 
  • The layout covers a large area which can feel a little isolated if you are a solo traveller or no fellow guests. 
  • Rooms comfortable and pretty rather than luxury. 
  • No evening entertainment.

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