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Taj- Rawalkot  Price Band:   £51-100 per room / villa per night
Taj- Rawalkot
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Jaisalmer has little in the way of luxury hotels as commercialised tourism is still in its infancy. There are three hotels on the outskirts of the town and our view is that Taj Rawalkot offer the best value and service.†

This purpose-built Fort style hotel is perched on the rocks overlooking the Golden City of Jaisalmer and the 12th Century Fort. Built in the Jaisalmer yellow sandstone, the hotel has a slight bedrock eco-feel.†

The central courtyard leads to just 32 rooms, each with views of the desert.

To the rear is an open terrace and pool which boasts fabulous views and sunsets. However, it can get extremely hot in West Rajasthan with the open dessert winds fueling the temperatures, making sunbathing somewhat unbearable.†

 The rooms are simply furnished with locally made furniture and cooton drapes. There is no evidence of the classic Taj style but the staff are friendly and attentive.†

Two days of sightseeing and camel safari is enough for most visitors to Jaisalmer but this hotel enables guests to escape the putrid smells of Jaisalmer Fort/City. Surprisingly for a small hotel, there is a spa to rid of all that sand.

Highs Lows
  • Quality service in a developing part of Rajasthan¬†
  • Much needed pool¬†
  • Little sand in the air¬†
  • Limited amenities

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