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Taj Mahal Hotel  Price Band:   201-300 per room / villa per night
Taj Mahal Hotel

This is a large city hotel, but what it lacks in cosiness it makes up for in grandeur and luxury. The pristine white lobby is highlighted by gold inlay work, colourful niches from Shahjahanabad, and intricate motifs, cooled by splashing marbled fountains.

The 12 or so floors accommodate 300 rooms from a comfortable/luxury standard to the recently completed Grand Presidential Suite. All with every ‘mod-con’ you could possibly desire.

Eat what and where you like: the restaurants cater for every whim. Mostly the dining is casual, but the Grill Room requests formal dress to compliment the fine dining.

 The hotel is a city landmark, close to many government buildings. It is also adjacent to THE shopping mecca of Delhi. Concentric roads create Inner, Middle and Outer circles lined with shops, restaurants, street stalls and cinemas. All designed as part of New Delhi in the early 20th century to shine as the star in the Empire’s crown, and it has now been absorbed into the ever sprawling city.

Highs Lows

• Perfect introduction or finale to Delhi. 
• Rick’s bar proudly stocks the largest martini selection in Delhi (over 100 types). 
• Enjoying champagne brunch in Machan on Sundays.

• Undeniably a large hotel and popular with non-residents so can be busy.


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