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Soukya  Price Band:   101-200 per room / villa per night

 The main focus of this establishment is the range of alternative medical treatments that it offers to its residents. A team of professionally trained doctors and medical workers offer a great array of healing methods and alternative treatments; which include Ayurveda & Panchakarma, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, and Yoga.

Ayurveda - meaning “life science”, helps to restore the imbalance of the tridoshas (three humours). The managers at Soukya believe that Ayurveda is a very serious treatment, and should only be carried out by qualified doctors. However, when the ayurvedic oils and massages are applied correctly, the results can be very rewarding. A selection of the ayurvedic treatments that are available are detailed below:

 Padhabhyanga - a massage of the legs that improves circulation
• Shirodhara – a steady stream of oil applied to the body to relax the nervous system.
• Ellakizi – fomentation massage with a bundle of herbals leaves and powders, provides great relief to cases of rheumatism and other diseases.
• Ayurvedic Udvartanam – uses ayurvedic powders to reduce obesity and increase mobility.
• Ksheera Dooma – traditional Keralan ayurvedic treatment designed to relax the face muscles.
• Vasti – the use of ayurvedic oils and massages to treat back disorders and arthritic knees.

 Panchakarma – a treatment that detoxifies the body tissue of all harmful substances. The 5 point programmes aims to rid the body of the harmful substances that it absorbs on a daily basis.

Homeopathy – a system developed in Germany, this treatment uses only natural and herbal sources to treat a number of symptoms, by stimulating the body’s own healing power. Counselling services will enable you to determine your problem, and then treat it.

 Naturopathy – is a natural healing therapy that aims to rid the body of toxins, which cause disease. There is no role for internal medications within this method of medicines. Treatments include yoga, oriental healing techniques such as acupuncture, reflexology, and acupressure, monitoring of food and nutrition, magnetotherapy, physiotherapy, chromotherapy. Typical methods for these are body wraps, hydro and mud baths, a variety of different international massages, and even colonic irrigation.

Ayurveda and alternative treatments are not the only activities at Soukya, others include:

 A selection of indoor games should you wish to seek shade – billiards, table tennis, carrom, chess, solitaire.

• Curvaceous, full sized swimming pool with overall depth of 4 feet.

• Volleyball and badminton

• Jog or walk the garden trails (2.2km) enjoying the cultivated shrubs and trees. Birds and butterflies abound.

• Cycle or walk to the neighbouring villages – staff will accompany you.


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