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Soukya  Price Band:   £101-200 per room / villa per night

Deluxe Rooms (12) are spacious with country red tiled floors and large floor to ceiling doors opening into a private garden and deck for sunbathing or yoga. Intricately patterned rugs and bedspreads add warmth against the plain white walls. Relax into one of the upholstered easy chairs with a book before bed and still enjoy the view across the garden.

Separate dressing areas lead to the bathrooms where tradition gives way to a thoroughly modern thinking. Baths and showers have constant hot water (largely solar heated) with powerful pumps to ensure an invigorating pressure.

 Cottage Suites (4) have 2 bedrooms, which may be used as a Suite and Deluxe Room. The décor is similar here with rugs, decorated tile floors and flowing silk curtains. Well finished wooden furniture includes handmade 4-poster beds.

The living & dining room and main bedroom open their large French windows onto a colourful and well tended garden. The dressing area generously includes room for luggage, helpful if you are a long stay guest, and the large bathroom has both a shower and a tub. Stone steps lead from the bathroom to an outdoor shower.


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