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Soukya  Price Band:   £101-200 per room / villa per night
Swimming Pool
Solo Traveller
Dining Room
Organic Products
Special Diets
Vegetarian Options

Highly recommended but not yet reviewed by our consultants

The first delight is your arrival here. The simple but impressive arched entrance leads down an arrow-straight, tree lined pathway, designed to focus the mind and bring clarity of thought. The ascending lamps along the drive help to elevate the mind and spirit and the 3 foundations at the end symbolise the mind, body and spirit. From the very start you begin to understand that nothing is left to chance here.

 Nine major buildings are built around an oval, enclosing lawn; trees and flowers are chosen to provide colour all year round. Local materials, locally gathered, have been used wherever possible to enhance the general harmony. All the main buildings are quite individual in design – the yoga and meditation hall has a conical glass roof, the therapy centre with its earthy red walls is divided into male and female sections each sharing a view of the herb gardens.

The spacious and elegant rooms and cottages are designed to maintain the ambiance of peace and relaxation. Comfortable, yet uncluttered retreats follow the natural colours of soft terracotta, earthy browns and golds in their décor merging almost seamlessly into the private gardens beyond.

 Like all aspects of Soukya, the dining here is specifically catered to promote a nutritional and healthy way of life. A team of dieticians individually advise the visitors in an attempt to create a menu that suits their personal medical needs. Food can be served to your room, on the lawns, or in the more formal private dining room.

The emphasis of this property is clearly geared towards promoting a medically scripted healthy lifestyle. The retreat is for the serious follower of alternative medicine.  An extensive range of ayurvedic treatment is available, as well as homeopathy, naturopathy, and yoga. Treatments range from mud baths, body wraps and an array of different massages to more precise treatments such as acupuncture, reflexology and even colonic irrigation.

However, the beauty of the setting and friendly efficiency of the administration makes it a most enjoyable experience for all guests.

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