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Shreyas  Price Band:   101-200 per room / villa per night
  •  The Spa offers various aspects of yoga, either in a group in the stately, pillared yoga hall, or as a one to one with an instructor.
  • Daily meditation classes, again in groups or with individual guidance.
  • Indoor steam rooms.
  •  Programme of massage therapies, Balinese, Thai, Swedish, Aromatherapy; a crystal salt scrub and nourishing honey and coconut scrub.
  • Large heated swimming pool and separate Jacuzzi.
  •  Excursions to the ‘outside world’ – Mysore, Bangalore, but I doubt that you will want to leave this perfect peace.
  • Take a guided tour around the vegetable and herb farms.
  • Cricket nets and bowling machine.
  • Walking track.
  •  Theatre/DVD lounge.
  • Library.
  • Conference hall.
  • Internet access.


New Packages (Weight Management): Shreyas have introduced weight management packages which promote healthy and sustainable weight loss, based on making healthy lifestyle changes for each individual guest’s health profiles. The package includes specific yoga postures that aid toning and metabolism, ayurvedic treatments that help eliminate toxins and mobilize adipose tissue deposits. All meals comprise of a nutritional low calorie diet that caters to individual requirements. Also, naturopathy & ayurvedic inputs are provided by our naturopath doctor

Food at Shreyas: An additional range of delectable light and low calorie recipes has been added to their extensive gourmet menu, which is also available in personalised cooking sessions for guests.

In the organic herb and vegetable gardens: they now have 2 additional Machans (wooden structures on stilts). The Machan has been extremely popular with guests, who have enjoyed the sweeping views of the agricultural gardens for relaxing in shady comfort, reading a book from our library sipping fresh tender coconut water. If clients wish, they can serve private casual outdoor lunches here, watching vegetables and herbs being nurtured and hand-picked for their next gourmet meal. These are perfect for daily sacred chanting and meditation sessions.

Gardening lessons: They have introduced educational sessions on growing herbs organically for daily home needs.

• Takeaways: A guided audio book on chanting, meditation and yoga nidra in a digital medium is now available for guests who wish to pursue and deepen their practice of the procedures taught at Shreyas. This is now available in addition to their personalised Yoga manuals. A selection of signature body scrubs and masks prepared by us are also available as takeaways.


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