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Sher Bagh  Price Band:   £201-300 per room / villa per night
Sher Bagh
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Highly recommended but not yet reviewed by our consultants

In 1971 when hunting was banned and Project Tiger launched, the concept of responsible tourism began here. The need to conserve the delicate balance between tourism and nature was appreciated.

Sher Bagh is the ultimate combination of linking luxury living with outdoor adventure. The 12 bedroom tents are modelled on those for H.H. the Maharajah of Jodhpur and have unbelievably comfy beds, spacious bathrooms and verandas on which to enjoy the natural grounds, and reflect on the day’s events.

Its ideal site, close to the park entrance, means no long, bumpy, morning drives in the jeep. The experienced and keen eyes and ears of your trackers and drivers have left very few ‘tiger spotting’ guests disappointed.

Dining has something for everyone – expansive English breakfasst, and outdoor continental lunches of soup, pasta, chicken and salads. Dinner is decisively more local in flavour, with lightly spiced meat and vegetables.

Despite its apparent isolation there is a helipad for emergencies or luxurious travel and transfers to and from the local station are also available.

After an exhilarating day in the forest, it is possible to enjoy some ‘me time’ relaxing with a book on your veranda. After dinner you can attend special evening talks with dedicated conservationists. All is magical and atmospheric after dark as lights glow all around against the backdrop of the forest.

Highs Lows
  • Evening talks by dedicated conservationists.¬†
  • Only 10 minutes from the park entrance.¬†
  • The tigers in Ranthambore are quite used to visitors -¬†so sightings are frequent.
  • You need to secure your seat far in advance if you wish to safari in one of the smaller jeeps - the Forest Department limits numbers.

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