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Shalimar Spice Garden Resort  Price Band:   101-200 per room / villa per night
Shalimar Spice Garden Resort
Swimming Pool
Spice Garden
Traditional Villages

Cross the symbolic wooden suspension bridge from the 21st century into a gentle, peaceful verdant sanctuary. This hilly resort is surrounded by 5 acres of ornamental spice gardens, in turn blending into the lush mountain vegetation of palms and mango groves, nutmeg and cardamom trees.

Thatched, teak-clad bungalows are dotted among the trees housing bedrooms and public rooms, while others are for individual occupation. The resort promotes tradition and the use of local and natural materials, so all is harmony.

Highs Lows
  • The fresh mountain air, so cooling after the humidity of the coast.
  • The new style restaurant
  • The general peacefulness and unhurried ambiance
  • Proximity of Periyar Reserve
  • Delicious ginger and lime welcome drink
  • This property has changed hands frequently so view recent guest feedback carefully
  • Very secluded, not a resort for the inherently sociable traveller
  • Fairly inaccessible – you need to be determined. Recommended stay at least 3 nights
  • Quite pricey but value for money

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