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Samode Palace  Price Band:   £101-200 per room / villa per night
Samode Palace
Child Friendly
Swimming Pool
Groups Welcomed
Cultural Sites
Fax Available
Meeting Rooms
Day Trips
Vegetarian Options
Camel Safari

This 150 year old palace offers you 'Royal Splendour' on a commercial basis. Rambling, majestic and opulent it sprawls up and over the hill top in the dusty Aravalli Hills’ thought to be the oldest mountain range. A magnificent example of Rajput/Mughal architecture it boasts some of the finest frescoes and mirror work in Rajasthan. Endless wings, corridors, terraces and courtyards open up to stunning rooms and suites, not forgetting the stunning Sheesh Mahal and intricately painted Durbar Hall. If you spent several days here I doubt you would discover all the nooks and crannies.

 Explore the gardens and courtyards or indulge yourself with an Ayurvedic massage or cool off in the elegant swimming pool. The pool is set in a tranquil walled garden with a view of the surrounding Aravalli hills and usually a burning blue sky.

Restaurants are multi-cuisine and the chefs will try to satisfy all tastes, Asian or European. Sight seeing here is often energetic. The local village may be explored on foot but many try bicycle, camel or horseback transport to venture further afield and negotiate the dusty slopes.

Highs Lows
  • Escape Jaipur‚Äôs noise.¬†
  • Large groups can enjoy banquet dinners complete with a musical, floral and elephant led welcome.¬†
  • Camel safaris at sunset.
  • Lots of groups.¬†
  • Commercial feel.¬†
  • Very dark and dingy in parts.

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