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Philipkutty's Farm  Price Band:   £101-200 per room / villa per night
Philipkutty's Farm

Dining is a friendly affair and hosted in the dining pavilion overlooking the backwaters ow you may wish to join the mathews in the family dining room and really† learn about their famility traditions.† Couples wishing to dine alone, may request villa dining on special occasions but the kitchens are based by the pavilion so†delivery is not easy at the villa.

Meals are all inclusive on the island as leaving is no an easy option. Mrs Mathew cooks some amzing delights and you will never go hungry.† She uses much of the local home groen produce with a myriad of herbs and spices. She is a very modest lady† but her culinery skills are to be admired and† guests are welcome to† join her in the kitchen at anytime.

Curries are the focus of most menus but the† number of variations is immense, from fish to chickento vegetarian. Bland to spicy, fruity or sour.†A real Kerala delight!


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