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Philipkutty's Farm  Price Band:   101-200 per room / villa per night
Philipkutty's Farm

The Mathews began with three cottages and have developed the deigns as they have grown to accommodate families and couples alike. All the cottages are named after neighbouring trees and face out to the backwaters so guests can enjoy the view and passers by on riceboats. The architecture reflects that of traditional Kerala housing with pitched terracotta roofs and dark wood shutter windows.

The Mathews have super style and the simple touches of brightly coloured linens, plump silk cushions, candles, fresh flowers and tea making facilities have all been considered. The decor is traditional in style with dark wood rattan easy chairs which can be moved outside to the verandah.The cottages are surrounded by pillared verandahs so there is always an escape from the shade.

The original cottage "Chempakam" was simpler in design with the living area being combined within the bedroom. Nonethless a very spacious room.There are settes and easy chairs for relaxation.

The next 2 cottages "Mandram and Ashokam" are similarly small cottages with one large room , screened into living, sleeping and bathing areas. Due to their l-shape foundations it is easy to attain some [rivacy from thebedroom.

All the cottages would easily accomodate 3 people and cots/ extra beds can be provided .

The more recent additions "Family Villa" or double villa had the input of Anu's style and friend and local architect Karl Damschen. The 2 villas horseshoe around a central courtyard so that they may be occupied by seperate couples or a large family. Each has a stunning entrance and carved doors and scented frangipan water bowl leads through to a central living area. The furniture is a little less cosy with stylish colonial armchairs and a large teak table being the meeting place for afternoon tea. The bedrooms and bathrooms lead from the living room and are very spacious. The modern glass tiled shower rooms are stylish and comfortable with twin sinks and pretty mosiac tiled floors. Due to the architecture and cool breezes whistling through the shutters by day, the cottages are very cool although fans are in every room

the more recent addition is teh family


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