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Philipkutty's Farm  Price Band:   £101-200 per room / villa per night
Philipkutty's Farm
Private Cook
Dining Room
Bird Watching
Vegetarian Options

Several generations of the Matthew family welcome you to this group of 5 solidly built waterfront cottages, from grandfather who reclaimed the land in the 1950s to granddaughter Anu.

Though on hand to chat, escort you around the farm or educate on the matter of organic farming and toddy tapping, the family retires to its own nearby house and will not intrude on your privacy†uninvited.

The estate is actually a self contained island within the backwaters and yet a working estate. However arrival is by boat so be prepared. All guests are given a warm welcome on the jetty† surrounded by† huge mango trees and of course an obligatory glass of cool juice. Potted plants with pretty flowers adorn every path

Each villa has its own style; from open plan for a couple to separate 2 bed en-suite accommodation for a family. Select the appropriate villas†for your needs – an extra bed can be added to the room.  Traditionally styled, well furnished with teak and rosewood, antiques, slate floors, and comfortable modern facilities, each cottage opens onto a terrace or “look out” overlooking the water.

Share the Keralan way of life in these serene surroundings and enjoy delicious home cooked food. Meals are served at the family residence either†in the dining room, out in the courtyard or in the pavilion. Anya and her mother also run cookery courses, explaining the varied and tasty dishes. As there is really nowhere else to go, rates here are full-board only.

 45 acres are given to the cultivation of coconuts, nutmeg, bananas, cocoa, cardamom, cinnamon and peppers. The water canals meander through the estate acting as irrigation.†The aroma of spices is always in the air and in the produce of the dinner table.† Cows and chickens are also welcome on the island - they really are very self sufficient.

For a timely, laid back, away from it all, homestay, this tranquil spot cannot be bettered.

Highs Lows
  • A true Keralan experience of living rather than visiting.¬†
  • Wonderful home cooking and an opportunity to learn as you eat¬†
  • Perfect peace
  • Quite isolated ‚Äď no email ‚Äď so make sure your telephone is charged should you need to remain in touch with the outside world¬†
  • You may bring beer, but other alcohol is not welcome
  • You may find that 3 days is sufficient on this island unless tranquility is exactly what you seek.

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