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Palace on Wheels  Price Band:   201-300 per room / villa per night
Palace on Wheels

The restaurants ‘The Maharaja’ and ‘The Maharani’ offer similar cuisine of international dishes as well as a selection of Indian dishes with an emphasis on regional Rajasthani cooking.
The glowing, polished panelling of the restaurant cars and beautiful silk curtains are common to both. ‘The Maharaja’ has tall backed distinguished chairs upholstered in a regal red and gold. The softer tones of blue and cream, and chairs with gentle curves reflect the more feminine style of ‘The Maharani’. Seating is arranged in fours or twos.

The bar is well stocked and offers a comfortable area to socialise after dinner. It also has a good collection of books to read up about the next day’s visit, or the history of the region.

On arrival each guests receives a useful pack of stationary, brochures, cards, etc.

Bottled mineral water is available at all times. Newspapers are delivered with your morning tea.


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