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Neeleshwar Hermitage  Price Band:   101-200 per room / villa per night
Neeleshwar Hermitage
Beach Access
Dining Room
Organic Products
Special Diets
Vegetarian Options

Highly recommended not yet personally reviewed by our consultants- opens August 2008

The mantra of the Hermitage is to nourish the spirit and foster creative tranquillity within beautiful surroundings.

12 palm thatched cottages, resembling fishermen’s huts, are spaced out facing the sea. Balconies are generous enough for easy lounging chairs and colourful plants.

The beautiful, unspoilt beach borders a sea where you can safely swim, a rarity in this coast.

The whole cottages, naturally landscaped, are laid out according to traditional principles, facing East and the rising sun. A delightful way to be woken in the morning.

The dining hall is placed centrally and offers a very varied cuisine: local fish and coconut dishes of the region, many vegetarian specialities, Middle Eastern flavours and European meals. There is a second restaurant by the pool for more informal dining.

Guests are invited to explore the local countryside, by bike, riceboat and on foot. Birdlife in particular is rich in this quiet land of coconut palms and beaches.

It is therefore an ideal spot for an ayurveda spa, and centre of yoga, meditation and spiritual cleansing. A team of experts in their fields are on hand to treat, lead and encourage guests to reach an inner peace before being thrown back into their hectic modern life.

Highs Lows
  • One of India's finest beaches (and there aren't many)
  • A quality boutique hotel - the owners are firm believers of eco-tourism combined with luxury
  • The architecture is 100% Kerala Vastu technique - providing karma and interest to those wishing to learn more
  • Rather isolated and a train/flight away from heart of Kerala, but that is the beauty of this location

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