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Marari Fishermen Village Beach Resort  Price Band:   £51-100 per room / villa per night
Marari Fishermen Village Beach Resort

As the nearest alternative restaurant is 10km away it is fortunate that meals at Marari are delicious and attractively served.

Fort Cochin is the premier, speciality restaurant always featuring the ‘catch of the day’. The team of chefs under Navrayan Kutty are adept at preparing mouth watering dishes of grilled prawns, lobster or crayfish as you watch. Add to these the local herbs and spices for which Kerala is famous for, and I defy you not to be impressed. Other options maybe aromatic vegetable stews, spicy chicken with accompanying tangy tamarind and kokum chutneys, rice, with vegetables and fruit straight from the organic farm.

 Dinner may follow the daily 6:30pm cooking demonstration when the Keralan chefs seek to tempt you to be more adventurous. Recipe sheets accompany providing no excuse to try these at home.

Beach Shack Bar and Buffet is the informal venue for lunchtime snacks, after swim snacks, elevenses, or whenever it is “time for a little something”. A perfect and romantic spot for a pre-dinner cocktail as the sun goes down, or lounge here to drift through the starry evening making plans for the following day.


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