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Manvar Resort  Price Band:   Ł101-200 per room / villa per night
Manvar Resort
Swimming Pool
Dining Room
Bird Watching
Special Diets
Vegetarian Options
Camel Safari
Traditional Villages

The Manvar resort is located in the heart of the Indian Thar Desert between Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Bikaner. Whilst on a smaller scale it offers vast desert, wildlife, village life and camel / jeep safaris at a short distance from the Cities. An ideal alternative to the long dusty road to Jaisalmer.

Manvar offers two base camps, the eco-resort and a luxury desert camp, a further 7km into the wilderness. 

 Manvar Resort is Rajasthan’s very own “Flintstones” with 21 sandstone cottages with thatched roofs, designed in a village style. Shops, bars, eateries, a reading tower and a swimming pool are found within in the resort. The farmer turned politician owner has a passion for nature and local products and the 5 acre site has been constructed from local products using traditional techniques. The interiors also echo the natural environment with sofas converted from traditional beds “khaats”. 

2-3 days is the ideal time to relax into the life of Manvar but still have time to explore the local wilderness by jeep or camel. Manvar has numerous indigenous birds including woodpeckers, vulchers, eagles, plus desert animals, but the highlight in peak season are the fields of Khichan village where carpets of white cranes come in their thousands . 

 Adventurous travellers should opt for the desert camp for an evening by campfire, Mashaals and local dancers. 

Manvar desert camp is surrounded by sand dunes and comprises 20 deluxe tents. Their semi-permanent foundations allow guests to enjoy all the Western comforts of bathrooms, hot water, and air conditioning, whilst feeling in touch with nature. 

The sunsets are breathtaking and even better from the peak of a dune. The only compromise is the sand - it gets everywhere. The tents have a circular layout to reduce the sand winds but cameras and suitcases should be well protected and kept shut whenever possible. Sadly, the camp is only operational October to Mid April due to the summer monsoons.

Highs Lows
  • Manvar is only 2.5hrs from Jodhpur and avoids the 7hr drive to Jaisalmer 
  • Catching the carpet of red chillies drying in the sun 
  • Well stocked gift shop selling Rajasthan’s handicrafts.
  • The sand gets everywhere!
  • Photographs from jeeps and camels are near to impossible due to the sand and “hanging on” so savour the moment by eye. 
  • Large groups 
  • The entertainment is a tad commercial

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