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Lagoona Davina  Price Band:   51-100 per room / villa per night
Lagoona Davina
Beach Access
Bird Watching
Special Diets
Vegetarian Options

The owner Davina fled London in pursuit of a more tranquil lifestyle and her new home amidst the coconut palms of Southern Kerala, is now shared with those travellers prepared to step off the 5* tourist trail.

Davina understands about women travelling alone and her system of allocating a ‘houseboy’ or assistant to each guest or couple to accompany, arrange and generally “fix it” is much appreciated.

 Alistair Sawday refers to Lagoona as “a sophisticated travellers’ den” with its exotic colour schemes, overflowing boutique, and rooms opening straight onto the sandy waterfront garden.

Not a good choice for children as neither the pool nor the fast flowing lagoon is fenced. The sea at this point would challenge even strong swimmers and is best left to the fishermen. A boat drags the nets beyond the backwater, then 200 more men haul them in from the beach.. A laborious, ancient method which is fascinating to watch.

 The 15 rooms vary in size and position, but all have four poster beds, marble floors, locally made wooden furniture and en suite bathrooms with showers. Air conditioning does not sit well with Davina’s thoughts on ecology, but electric fans are provided.

Meals are served very informally at your own table in front of your room, except once a week when there is a Keralan feast served on a communal table in the Pavillion.

Life here is a step-back in time. Relax, read, enjoy the yoga, reiki or meditation on offer, or for a grand finale, drift along the Backwaters in a ‘Gondola’, enjoying a candle lit supper.

Highs Lows

• A feeling that you have found that “somewhere different”, a totally relaxing and charming ambiance. 
• Many small details of personal attention, e.g. beautiful silk pillows on the hammocks and fresh flowers everywhere, making this a truly interesting boutique. 
• Candlelit dinners on the Backwaters following a fiery sunset. 
• Great for lone, female travellers – comforting without being patronising.

• Sea swimming unwise, and the water in the small pool can sometimes be an uninviting brownish colour because it is pumped up from a borehole, but lagoon swimming excellent. 
• Maintaining the adult atmosphere, children under 16 not accepted. 
• Salt water showers are not really refreshing, disastrous on the hair, and hot water supply can be erratic. 
• Very thin mattresses. 
• The food is sometimes a little bland when attempts are made to westernise local dishes, enjoy the traditional Keralan versions instead.


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