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Karikkathi Beach House  Price Band:   £51-100 per room / villa per night

- In short – not a lot, but then that’s the beauty of the place. A few books and card & board games are provided, but mostly it is time to chill. Pack your books, sun cream and mosquito repellent and spend your days unwinding. 

- Stroll along the beach to Kovalam.

- Visit local villages and shops for food, fabrics and local crafts.

- Trivandrum offers a Hindu temple, a 200 year old palace, and small museums and shops.


Serious, traditional Ayurvedic treatments are conducted under a highly qualified team. The monsoon periods May – July and Sept are recognised as the most auspicious times for treatment, and the low season offers good deals at this time.

Just behind the Beach House a dedicated room and Therapists can treat 2 people at one time – and a maximum of 6 during the day.

-The range of treatments is staggering, and personal diet is closely supervised by an experienced doctor. Though guests may choose to sample the massages, oil treatments, beauty face masks as a ‘one-off’ luxury, serious treatment is more beneficial, and is concentrated into a 2-4 week period.

Treatments available (very brief descriptions):

 Pizhichil – a special massage with oils

Dhara – which works on the cerebral system, helping with stress, anxiety and emotional upsets.
Sirovasthy – for headaches, neuralgia, etc.

Masyam - involves inhalation to improve conditions such as sinusitis, migraines, etc.

Navarakizhi – the body is anointed and massaged with a special rice paste to improve muscular skeletal disorders and degenerative disorders.

Abhyngam – a rhythmical and deeply relaxing warm sesame oiled massage – a joy to stiff necks and joints; it is noted to be particularly beneficial for leg problems caused by diabetes.

 Snehapanam – involves taking doses of ghee and medicated herbal oils for body purification.

Swedanam – a steam bath to remove impurities - leaves a glowing and relaxed skin.

Udvarthanam – a brisk massage to exfoliate and break up fatty deposits.

Kati Basti – for spinal problems. Warm oil is poured on and retained for 50 minutes.

Hrid (Uro) Basti – works on the heart and lungs.

Thalam – uses medicated oil on the top of the head to improve vision, insomnia, etc.

Kizhi – uses herbal poultices with medicated oils, followed by a massage - particularly effective in treating osteoarthritis, swelling, sports injuries, etc.


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