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Kalmatia Sangam Himalaya Resort - Kalimat Village Treks  Price Band:   £51-100 per room / villa per night
Kalmatia Sangam Himalaya Resort - Kalimat Village Treks

Whether your interest lies in the history, pilgrimage centres and temples of this ancient region or walking in the stunning countryside this is an excellent base.

9 colourful, slate roofed cottages dotted down the hillside offer privacy and wonderful views. They rejoice in individual names such as Himalayan Magpie, Goldfinch, Hoopoe and Scarlet Minivet etc.. Some are single storey, some on two levels and all are equipped with modern en suite bathrooms. Large doors and windows in the Tibetan style let in the clear mountain light and decoration is in warm tones with intricate local handwork on show.

The balconied restaurant serves a variety of cuisines, from local Kumaoni through a range of European and Indian dishes. From a table on the terrace you are rewarded by wonderful views of the Western Himalaya ranges –on a clear day!

Local architecture is a haphazard mix of local influence and British colonial in this site of the very first Hill Station. Edwardian buildings, traditional villages, temples galore and prehistoric sites vie for attention.
Children are welcomed here though there are not specific arrangements for their entertainment.

To explore the countryside fully, we recommend that you trail through the villages on the 5-7 day treks. to read more, click here

Highs Lows
  • A truly authentic experience- the heart of Tibetan / India communities¬†
  • The walks can be set to your level but obviously there are some hills. Most treks are well pathed out.
  • The views, the views, the views
  • Such beauty and tranquility
  • The journey up to this region can be long and tiring. We suggest¬† stopping in Rishikesh or Mussourie enroute from Delhi.¬†
  • Evenings can be chilly Nov-jan but in the really cold season, the resort is closed. Just be prepared.

Read more, click below:

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