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Hill Fort  Price Band:   0-51 per room / villa per night
Hill Fort
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Just 3 hours from Delhi’s bustling crowds, rising above a golden yellow carpet of mustard seed, is this rambling old fort. The 7 turreted, fourteenth century building has the air of a Tuscan farmhouse or friendly French chateau and is surrounded by beautiful gardens full of trees, flowering shrubs and colourful bougainvillea. The only movement in this peaceful oasis is that of the brilliant green parakeets flying from perch to perch.

 Despite its imposing and commanding position on the dark Breccia rocks the Hill Fort has a cosy, intimate atmosphere within its walls. Rooms are simple, with white walls, marble floors and antique furniture. The large lounge combines comfy seats for relaxation with a library. Curl up on a silk cushioned day bed to read, watch TV or play cards, chess or Carom.

Just 21 rooms are fitted in here and there, and nothing is uniform. We do recommend spoiling yourself with a Deluxe Room or Suite as they represent very good value and have stunning views.

Highs Lows
  • Interesting village life along the roads to the Fort; see the cooking fires glow as the locals prepare their evening meal.  
  • Willing, friendly staff and excellent service. 
  • Twilight dining in the gardens. 
  • Superb sunsets.
  • No pool, but can be borne for a 1-2 night stay. 
  • Rather thin mattresses on the beds.

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