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Fort Chanwa  Price Band:   £51-100 per room / villa per night
Fort Chanwa
Swimming Pool
Groups Welcomed
Day Trips
Vegetarian Options
Traditional Villages

This is an impressive building, entirely carved from red Jodhpur sandstone, originally as a gift for a valued civil servant at the turn of the century.

In 1941, lacking a male successor, the community and estate of Chanwa was claimed by the State. A period of neglect followed until 1992 when the current owners decided to embrace the new invaders, i.e. tourists, and restore the glories of the fort, whilst including 21st century convenience. Don’t miss one of the most attractive features of this heritage house, the intricate lattice work on all the windows, again echoed in the mirror jharokas.

 Chanwa has the pleasing ambiance of a home largely due to the charming host, Maharaja Singh and his attentive staff. The fort is surrounded by wonderful gardens, which become a setting for colourful and enjoyable events in the evenings. There is a comfortable feeling of belonging to a community, fostered by numerous guest activities involving local families and artisans.

There is a large swimming pool in the gardens, which when floodlit becomes a focal point for the evening social scene.

Highs Lows
  • A good value Jodhpur retreat avoiding the City pollution¬†
  • On the edge of the desert¬†
  • Attentive and well dressed staff
  • Groups are accepted in peak season

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