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Cicada-Kabini  Price Band:   £51-100 per room / villa per night
Child Friendly
Swimming Pool
Plunge Pool
Bird Watching
Boat Trips
Special Diets
Vegetarian Options

Located on acres of swaying palm trees and lush, tall grass this lodge offers wonderful opportunities for wildlife viewing. Without straying far from home you can ‘tick off’ dozens of endemic birds such as the Malabar Pied Hornbill and the Crested Hawk-Eagle. The region habilitates 300 different species of birds that make their home in the jungle, the grass lands, and along the edge of the Kabini River and associated waterways.

Neatly built brick lodges offer well decorated, air conditioned rooms that are fully equipped for your comfort. Each room looks out onto the expansive river for you to enjoy dramatic sunsets as the water birds come home to roost.

An information centre helps you make the most of your time, with hints on where and when to look for the most exciting and exotic beasts. This region is said to have one of the highest density of Tigers in India, but you should  keep a lookout for the elusive Leopards  and also the Indian Wild Dogs, Indian Bisons, Sambars and Elephants which are more common. This important water source and lush grassland supports many smaller animals, which in turn tempt the larger carnivorous ones.

Borrow a bicycle and explore the water edges, book a trip on a water safari and be escorted by an expert into the jungle areas, or launch out solo in a kayak on the lake.

Limber up in the gym before your expeditions and swap stories in the well-stocked bar as you recount your day’s adventures.

The swimming pool will tempt you to cool off in the warm weather, or you may prefer to settle down in the peace of it all with a good book. The nearby spa offers healing massages if you have overdone it.

 The restaurant offers both vegetarian and vegan dishes. Continental breakfast may be chosen rather than Indian varieties, but both lunch and dinner are cooked in an Indian style, though it is gentle on the spices.

As you might expect, the regime here is eco-aware, casual and geared to the natural day. The dining room closes at 10pm, and most guests will have retired by then.

Dress is largely functional and casual, suited to the activities and season:

Monsoon: June – September (warm clothing, wind cheaters, waterproofs)
Winter: October – January (warm clothing for those cold mornings, wind cheaters)
Summer: February – May (cool comfortable garments)

A sensible hat and a pair of walking shoes are appropriate for most expeditions and treks. We recommend the following:

Safaris: caps or hats, clothing in dull shades of brown, green and khaki. Please avoid bright colours.

 Nature walks: caps, sensible shoes/boots, back packs, binoculars and water flasks.

Kayaking / Pedal boating: swimwear.

Don’t forget sunscreen and take advantage of the umbrellas and mosquito repellent provided in your rooms.

Highs Lows

• The thrill of heading out on safari searching for wildlife. 

• Accommodation is located along the banks of the lake, ideal for privacy and wildlife spotting, but somewhat spread out - take advantage of the golf buggies to get from A to B.

• The ‘Year in the Life of Naraghole’ documentary shown nightly.

• Avoid visiting in the monsoon season – animals are difficult to spot and leeches are in abundance! 

• Quite a regimented set-up, although actually perfectly timed to maximise wildlife spotting. 

• Animals are unpredictable, so sightings cannot be guaranteed.


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