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Casa del Fauno  Price Band:   £51-100 per room / villa per night
Casa del Fauno
Beach Access
Dining Room
Bird Watching
Boat Trips

Your journey through the busy, dusty, atmospheric village streets turns abruptly into a narrow, winding lane; coming to an end beside large imposing gates and an endless stretch of water before you. Swing into the peaceful, attractive garden of Casa del Fauno and take in the glistening white symmetrical pillared frontage of this delightful house. Carved stone pillars surround a small dais, scattered coconut palms offer shade, a tempting swimming pool lies to one side and amusing carved stone animals lead you up the steps into the house. It might have been here for decades, but is in fact only a few years old.

A very long central foyer/lounge doubles as a†dining room, with a dining table and chairs at each end. Comfortable and stylish arm chairs and sofas fill the central part, and pristine white walls show off paintings and the intricately carved teak doors.

For outdoor dining or sitting, there is an intimate area beyond here with casual tables and chairs, prettily lit by lanterns at night. An excellent setting for post dinner drinks and chats with friends or fellow guests.

Highs Lows
  • A tranquil hideaway.¬†
  • Home from home
  • Welcome visitors by boat bearing seafood delights
  • Rowing out on the lake

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