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Aman-i-Khas  Price Band:   401+ per room / villa per night
Plunge Pool
Bird Watching
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These rich, Mughal style ‘tents’ are fairly breathtaking; measuring 108 sqm with their 5 separate areas divided by cotton hangings, the luxury is astounding. King sized beds, twin writing desks, arm chairs, a dining table and wardrobes, feature cowhide and teak, emulating the old style of travelling camp.

Arrival is at sundown as the fires and lamp lights create a magical glow. Welcome drinks are served, and there is time to relax and chat with your fellow guests before being guided to your tent.

 Dining may be in the formal dining tent, set in attractive locations around the camp or on your own terrace area. Indian cuisine and a range of western dishes are on offer and vegetables are prepared from the organic garden on the property.

Visits are focused on wildlife viewing, and everyone’s dearest wish to glimpse a tiger in the wild.

There is a great feeling of excitement and anticipation whilst waiting to board your jeep for that first early morning safari through the arid brushwood hills and into the National Park. All  around you nature is either noisily waking up, or preparing to sleep the day away after a busy night.

Stays are in blocks of 3 days. Between safaris you may choose to explore the local countryside on horse back or camel, visit the historic fort in the park grounds or simply follow the footpath through the bush to a man-made reservoir, which tempts many of the local birds and animals.

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